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IT & Non-IT Recruitment

IR Recruitment

We are recognized by our partner organizations for handling multiple IT staffing service requirements across technologies, on-time recruitment & strong talent acquisition to cater to requirements at all levels (junior to senior). Being agile & dependable is in our DNA which helps IT firms and organizations to outsource their requirements to us and get the right talent in return.

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Non -IT Recruitment

Non-IT Recruitment is a vast area, which often recruits in all the sectors other than Information Technology (IT) sector.

We have a team of expert recruiters who are working across many industry job areas. We work as a source of support for your talent acquisition team and assist you in quickly filling positions with skilled and talented people. By connecting with our team you will get the right talents who help you to grow your business at a higher level.

We offer our services at a wide range of non-IT industries including education, finance, BPO healthcare, and training, etc. We have recruiters specializing, who work solely on your requirements.